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July 2019

Happy July, everyone! We all know that the weather has been an absolute bummer. It seems like every phone call or meeting starts with “geez, when is this weather going to stop!” While the weather has been terrible, Valenti-Held has still been able to move forward on some projects: Belle Arbor, Serenade 1A, Greystone Section […]

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June 2019

It was great to see dust blowing the last few weeks on some sites event though the dust is from the lime contractors spreading (the lime dust did allow us to at least move forward on some things)! Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer is currently looking at the weather forecasts and schedules to gauge whether another round of […]

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May 2019

Happy May! Not sure about you, but we are sure ready for consistent dry weather here at Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer! Hopefully, the weather decides to cooperate soon; we have a bunch of work to get done. Since last month, we’ve landed four new projects: Towns at Avalon North – Fishers, IN Hunters Run Section 9 – […]

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April 2019

Wow, what a crazy winter we’ve had; 60 degrees today, -10 degrees the next. I tip my hat to those of you that have endured these conditions! Below I’ve listed the new projects that we’ll need to jump on as soon as the weather breaks – these are in addition to any carry over projects […]

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December 2018

It’s hard to believe that it’s December already! During the month of November, Valenti-Held was hammered with budgets and bids for projects that are set to kick off in 2019. Several clients have already asked to sit down with us to discuss our capacity for next year. We are hopeful that by the first part […]

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November 2018

Happy November! To follow up on the “big” utility project mentioned in the previous newsletter, the project is Serenade and is located on the west side of Ditch Road and runs between 156th & 161st Street in Westfield, IN. The goal with Serenade is to get as much dirt moved this fall as Mother Nature […]

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October 2018

For the first time in a long time, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer does not have any newly awarded projects to discuss. As it stands, Valenti-Held currently has a great backlog to finish the year for both earthwork and utilities. The winter utility backlog is looking very good as well. As mentioned in previous months, Valenti-Held has turned […]

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September 2018

Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer, Inc. has landed two new projects: Greystone Section 1 (Pulte Homes of Indiana) and Springmill Villas (Platinum Properties). Greystone Section 1 will have dirt flying just as soon as one of the mass crews open up and Springmill Villas currently has dirt being moved. Greystone Section 1 – Brownsburg, IN – Pulte Homes […]

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August 2018

Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer has landed two new projects since last month: Hawthorne Ridge Section 1 (Pulte Homes of Indiana) and 777 Bates (Onyx & East). Hawthorne Ridge Section 1 will have dirt flying the first part of August and 777 Bates will most likely start in September. Valenti-Held is still receiving more bids in than we […]

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July 2018

Since last month, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer has landed two new projects: Osbourne Trails Section 1 (Platinum Properties) and Enclave at Andover Section 3 (Pulte Homes). Osbourne Trails Section 1 will likely begin the first part of July and Enclave at Andover Section 3 will start shortly thereafter. Osbourne Trails Section 1 – Westfield, IN – Platinum […]

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