June 2018

Happy June, everyone! Since last month, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer, Inc. has landed four new projects: Chatham Hills Section 4 (Henke Development), Hunters Run Section 7 (Pulte Homes), Four Oaks Section 6 (Lennar) and Harmony Town and Flatts (JC Hart). Chatham Hills Section 4 has already started, and the remainder of these new projects should start sometime this month. There is still a ton of things on the horizon to bid, and we will definitely keep busy this month!

May 2018

I hope the weather decides to cooperate soon! Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer has a bunch of work to get done, and we don’t want to fall behind schedule! Some of the projects discussed last month have been delayed slightly due to jurisdictional approval, but all should be up and running within the next 2-4 weeks. Since last month, Valenti has landed three new projects: Beacon Pointe Section 2, Emerald Park Section 1 and The Bakery. These projects should start end of May or first of June, allowing us some time to get the other projects completed.

April 2018

Valenti-Held is going to be super busy this spring! We have the following projects that have or will be beginning in the next few weeks: Westwood Landing Section 2 (Westport Homes), Central Greens Phase II (Holladay Properties), McCord Pointe Off-Site Sanitary (Lennar), McCord Pointe Section 1A & 1B (Lennar), The Parks at Wynne Farms Section 1 (Platinum Properties), Hoosier Village Park (Bedrock Builders) and Webers Main Office.

This year appears to be very, very strong. There are no indications of a slow down, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see things take off even more around June/July. The bid requests are still coming in at an overwhelming rate!

December 2017

It is hard to believe that it’s December already! While it may have been challenging at times, it appears that all projects that were supposed to be paved this year will get paved. During the month of November, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer was hammered with subdivision projects (10) to bid. The projects that we are bidding currently will be early spring projects, with potential for some off-site winter work. The coming year just might be busier than 2017!

November 2017

Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer, Inc. is in the crunch run of the season! We are confidence that all of our paving obligations will be completed before Mother Nature cuts it off. Since last month, Valenti-Held has landed three new projects: Ameriplex Home 2, Hunters Run Amenity Area & Britton Falls Section 14. These projects should start within the next two weeks.
Ameriplex Home 2 project is for Holladay Construction Group and is located just south of I-70. There is approximately 12,000CY’s of dirt with just a small portion of building pad that needs to be filled; the remaining earthwork material will be stockpiled. There is approximately 16 days worth of utilities that will need to be installed this winter. Hunters Run Amenity Area and Britton Falls Section 14 are both located in Fishers. Hunters Run Amenity Area has approximately 5,000CY’s of dirt and 4 days worth of utilities. Britton Falls Section 14 has 4,700CY’s of dirt (dirt was moved with previous section) and 25 days worth of utilities.

October 2017

Since last month, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer has landed two new projects: Harmony Section 5 (Westfield) and Center Street (Whitestown). These projects will start this month on top of the projects mentioned in last month’s article. Harmony Section 5 is a continuation of the previous four sections that Valenti-Held has done for Estridge, and this section is at the southwest corner of 156th Street and Ditch Road in Westfield. There is approximately 104,000CY’s of dirt and 121 days of utility work. Center Street is a roadway project at Whitestown Crossing that will need to be paved this year. The earthwork for the roadway is mostly complete. The utilities will start within the next two weeks, and there is approximately 29 days of utility work.

September 2017

Since last month, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer has landed several new projects: The Oaks Phase II (Zionsville), Enclave at Andover Section 2 (Westfield) and Prairie at the Legacy (Carmel). These projects will start this month in addition to the projects mentioned last month. The Oaks Phase II is a continuation of the previous section that we completed last year. This section is for Bedrock Builders and has approximately 99,000CY’s of dirt and more than 30 days of utility work. Enclave at Andover Section 2 is located on the southeast side of Andover North Section 1. This section will be for Pulte Homes and has approximately 8,000CY’s of dirt and about 15 days of utility work. Prairie at the Legacy is a townhome project that Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer will be performing for Cal-Atlantic Homes. This project has approximately 20,000CY’s of dirt and almost 30 days of utility work.

August 2017

Since last month, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer has landed several new projects: Woodspring Suites (Whitestown), Hunters Run Section 4 (Fishers), Hunters Run Section 5 (Fishes), Clay Corner (Carmel) and Indianapolis Road Interior Work (Whitestown). In addition to these projects, CVS Pharmacy – Westfield, Waterleaf Drive Road and Utility Infrastructure, Harmony Ditch Road Roundabout and Harvest Park Section 3 (dirt) will also kick off!

July 2017

June has come and gone and while the weather was not always conducive, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer sure did get a bunch of pipe and dirt moved! Within the last week, we have been awarded a Residence Inn project near I-65 on the south side of Indianapolis for CTI Construction, LLC. This isn’t your typical hotel project in that there is over 70,000 CY’s of earthwork. There is also a decent sized underground detention that will go in as part of our scope. We are still bidding tons of work and the projects keep coming in!

June 2017

June is going to be extremely busy! Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer was recently awarded Heritage at Springmill for SNAP 1 Properties, LLC. This project is located south of 116th Street and west of Springmill Road in Carmel, IN. This project has 32,000CY’s of dirt, 1,800’ of 8” sanitary sewer main, 2,600’ of storm sewer and 1,700’ of 8” water main. The client said one of the main reasons he chose us to do this project was our reputation for doing safe and quality work along with our rapport with the City of Carmel. We are still receiving numerous bid invitations as well!