November 2016

Since last month, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer has landed The Oaks Phase 1 for Bedrock Builders.  This project is in Zionsville, IN and part of the Hoosier Village Retirement Community.  The project has 80,000 CY’s of dirt (+/-26,000 CY’s) that will be stockpiled, 2,800’ of sanitary sewer, 3,200’ of storm sewer and 2,200’ of water main.  In addition to the dirt and utilities, we will be putting in a 1/2 mile gravel access drive that will connect the northern end of the site to Old 106th Street. We are also currently bidding on several winter utility projects that are mostly just finish grade. Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer is also starting to work more on the budget for 2017.  It appears 2017 is going to be another strong year!

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