November 2017

Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer, Inc. is in the crunch run of the season! We are confidence that all of our paving obligations will be completed before Mother Nature cuts it off. Since last month, Valenti-Held has landed three new projects: Ameriplex Home 2, Hunters Run Amenity Area & Britton Falls Section 14. These projects should start within the next two weeks.
Ameriplex Home 2 project is for Holladay Construction Group and is located just south of I-70. There is approximately 12,000CY’s of dirt with just a small portion of building pad that needs to be filled; the remaining earthwork material will be stockpiled. There is approximately 16 days worth of utilities that will need to be installed this winter. Hunters Run Amenity Area and Britton Falls Section 14 are both located in Fishers. Hunters Run Amenity Area has approximately 5,000CY’s of dirt and 4 days worth of utilities. Britton Falls Section 14 has 4,700CY’s of dirt (dirt was moved with previous section) and 25 days worth of utilities.

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