December 2013

VHI is currently wrapping up existing projects and is in the process of starting two new ones as well (Addison Landing Apartments and Maple Grove Commercial Subdivision).   Even though the weather has been colder and wetter than normal for this time of year, VHI is still ahead or on schedule for all projects. 

Recently Awarded Projects:

Project Name:  Addison Landing Apartments

Location:  Fishers, IN

Client:  Addison Landing Construction, LLC

Type of Work:  Apartments

Project Start Date:  10/21/13


Site was partially filled back in late 2011.  VHI is responsible for importing fill material to bring the site up to grade, grading building pads, lake bank, common areas, asphalt streets and parking areas.

1,390′ of 8″ sanitary sewer (HSE sewer district).

4,435′ of RCP storm sewer ranging in size from 12”-42” and 49 storm sewer structures, including an AS-9 Aqua-Swirl Water Quality Structure.

3,200′ of 4″ subsurface spider drains.

2,100′ of 4-8” ductile iron water main, including fire protection and domestic lead-ins.


Project Name:  Maple Grove Commercial Subdivision

Location:  Whitestown, IN

Client:  Diversified Property Group, LLC

Type of Work:  Roadway

Project Start Date:  11/20/13


This project is a turnkey project that was kick started by the proposed Watermark apartment project.  , VHI will perform or sub-contract all aspects of this project.

+/-1,300′ of commercial/industrial roadway, including lime stabilization of sub-grades, stone base, curbs and asphalt pavement.

1,200′ of RCP storm sewer ranging in size from 12″ -36″ and 15 storm sewer structures.

1,800′ of 6″ subsurface drains.

1,000′ of 12″ PVC water main.

Seeding, light poles and conduits.

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