Safety PictureValenti-Held Contractor/Developer is a past winner of the Indiana Governor’s Workplace Safety Award for Specialty Contractor in Construction.  The award recognizes our emphasis on safety, based on a moral and ethical obligation to provide a safe workplace for employees.  Valenti-Held understands that safe employees are knowledgeable employees, and that comes from an innovative and high-quality training program.  Safety is a way of life at Valenti-Held.  As the industry evolves through new procedures, regulations, and equipment, our program is flexible for necessary change, yet still ensures the safety of our workforce.

We are committed to the philosophy that every employee is entitled to work under the safest conditions possible.  We are dedicated to providing employees, clients, subcontractors, and others a safe and healthy environment on projects in which we are involved.  The exercise of diligence, good judgment, and common sense on the part of all involved in construction work can create an environment in which the occurrences of accidents are substantially reduced.  Valenti-Held’s safety program has the total commitment of all management levels and receives top priority in its application.

The safety program was established principally to govern the activities of all personnel employed in any capacity on Valenti-Held projects, and is dedicated to the goals stated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to provide work and a place of work that are free from recognized hazards.

We require each job foreman to hold weekly on-the-job safety meetings to constantly restate our safety emphasis.  On-site safety inspections are conducted weekly on every project to ensure safety procedures are being followed and are free from all hazards.  We are a drug- and alcohol-free work place, and are proud to have an Experience Modification Rate below industry averages.