March 2016

It has been a busy winter!  We’ve been extremely busy, but March is the month that we’ve been waiting on.  This is the month that most of the projects that we expect to work on in the spring will be coming out for bid.  Next month at this time, I expect to have some good news to report on these projects!

It is important to have a backlog of utility work in the spring to allow for mass earthwork crews to get dirt moved on new projects prior to utility crews coming in. The good news is that we have generated a backlog of nearly 175 utility days from the following projects:  The Golf Club of Indiana Sanitary & Water, The Crossing of Whitestown Sanitary & Water, Carmel Lutheran Church Sanitary Sewer, West Clay 15002 and The Woods at Thorpe Creek Section 3 (more about this project below).  We have several bids into clients that we are awaiting a response that could provide even additional utility backlog.

We have been awarded Fischer Home’s “The Woods at Thorpe Creek Section 3” located in Fishers, IN.  Fischer Homes is a new client for us. Fischer Homes is excited to work with us and has intentions of rolling us right into a larger section (Thorpe Creek Section 5) once Section 3 is complete.


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