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August 2016

Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer would like to make a big announcement: Valenti-Held has landed Hunters Run Section 2 & 3 located in Fishers, IN for Pulte Homes.  The Hunters Run sections combined generate 133,000 CY’s of dirt, 5,140’ of sanitary sewer mainline, 3,418’ of sanitary sewer laterals, 8,721’ of storm sewer ranging in size from 12” – […]

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July 2016

June has come and gone and while the weather was not always conducive, we sure did get a bunch of pipe and dirt moved! During June, Valenti-Held Contractor/Developer landed several projects: Vandalia Trailside Section 2, The Haven Section 3 and West Haven Entrance Drive.  These projects will provide upwards of 35 utility days and 20 […]

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